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Security Guard Crowd Control

Security Guard Crowd Control is another critical aspect of security, particularly entertainment security. Concert halls and arenas can legally hold but so many people. In cases where events are over-ticketed, the potential for crowd disaster increases dramatically. Many corporate buildings have places of assembly such as auditoriums, gymnasiums, restaurants and dinner/ballrooms. Maintaining an adequate count of the number of people in the building will go a long way in preventing a crowd disaster.

Traffic control is essential for those properties that have garages and parking lots. Ensuring that there are no automobile accidents is a very serious task that security Guards undertake. Parking, traffic flow, pedestrian walkways, communications skills and understanding corresponding laws are essential to maintain order in motor vehicle/pedestrian environments.

Site-specific tasks

1. Monitoring activities

2. Reacting to incidents

3. Reporting to management or law enforcement

Theft 1. Internal vs. external

2. Business practices

3. Property removal policies

4. Criminal law knowledge

Trespassing. 1. Unwanted and unauthorized people on the premises

2. Identifying trespassers

3. Approaching trespassers

4. Removing trespassers

Drug (including alcohol) Abuse

1. Safety concerns

2. Business (productivity) concerns

3. Identifying abusers

4. Dealing with “suspected” abusers White Collar Crime Sabotage/Bribes/Kickbacks/Payoffs/Computer fraud/Embezzlement/Detecting white collar crimes/Deterring white collar crimes/Reporting white collar crimes.

Emergencies such as fires, explosions, bomb threats, riots and other disorderly conduct, civil disturbances, demonstrations, labor/management conflicts that lead to picket lines and hazardous materials incidents are all emergencies that security Guards should be educated on to ensure that outcomes are to the liking of all people involved in the emergency incident.

Natural Disasters such as power outages, earthquakes, snow storms, floods and other natural disasters may lead to devastating losses, but a well trained security staff usually means that the outcomes will be positive and limiting loss of lives and property.

1. Evacuations

2. Securing damaged property

3. First aid 4. Calling for assistance, etc.

Medical Emergencies Evacuations.

1. Plans

2. Implementation.


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